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The corporate logo used for Toray Industries, Inc., was first designed in 1986 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of our founding. This symbol represents Toray as a corporation, the Toray employees, the Toray facilities and assets, Toray products, and the Toray message. The characteristic single quotation marks symbolize Toray's enthusiastic attitude toward dialogue. We strongly value communication among Toray employees and with those outside the company, and we desire to be a leading presence in society. The logo has symbolized Toray for more than 30 years, since it was first adopted to the present day. Called Toray blue, the symbol is a deep, chic shade of blue that signifies an intellectual refinement and precision, as well as a refined sense of fashion. This shade is also referred to as “intelligent blue.”

Transformation of the Corporate Symbol

The Toray corporate symbol has been altered three times. Its evolution is outlined below.

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