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MOSS composites industrial research is focused on the development of  composite materials with various novel inorganic  matrix and tailored textile reinforcements capable of resisting impact and/or high temperatures. 

#impact resistant composite materials operating  in a temperature interval  of 250° to 1350°C

Materials with various novel inorganic  matrix or cementitious  matrix composites (CMCs) are a group of materials which bridge the temperature performance gap between reinforced polymers and ceramic matrix composites (CMCs). In high temperature environments where reinforced polymers would fail and need to be replaced with metals, CMCs offer a lightweight alternative suitable for service temperatures up to 1350°C whilst providing a non-brittle failure mechanism.


CMCs are produced in a similar manner to fibre reinforced epoxy composites whereby woven fibres are impregnated with a resin which sets to form a structure. In comparison to typical ceramic matrix composites which are sintered at high temperatures , CMCs need only mild processing conditions of below 100°C, allowing a simple route to manufacture. In addition, this low temperature processing route facilitates the inclusion of additives in the matrix which would otherwise decompose or deteriorate at typical processing temperatures for manufacturing conventional ceramic matrix composites.

MOSS composites participates in:

- Nanoforce research program

  on hybridization of self reinforced plastics (SRPP) , thermoplastic composites.

MARES research program  from the strategic initiative Flanders

  recycling of industrial process residues  into fire and  heat resistant composites .

- Current direct , Horizon 2020 program  , fire and heat resistant composites.

- ABLACCOD project together with Von Karman institute and  Cenaero for ESA.  


- REC-N-COMP , european cluster program :production of recycled based composites     using  waste coming from different industrial sectors.

MOSS composites  is open for Horizon Europe calls  and on the look for industrial partners for the  EDIDP and DEFRA researchs programs 

                   INNOVATION at MOSS composites  

Bringing advanced composite material research and technologies into today’s world aiming for sustainable growth and recyclability  by  reusing  industrial residues.

Developing , in house or with strategic partnerships your new products and the suited and effective  manufacturing  processes



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