Innovation at MOSS composites 

bringing advanced composite material research and technologies into today’s market and aiming for growth

developing , in house or with strategic partnerships your new products and the suited and effective  manufacturing  processes

cooperating with passionated third parties taking care of the development of the composite part of their project thus diversifying the moss composites business

MOSS composites  current industrial research is focused on the development of  composite materials with a novel  matrix and tailored textile reinforcements capable of resisting impact and/or high temperatures.


.impact resistant composite materials operating  in a temperature interval  of 250° to 1350°C

MOSS composites participates in the Nanoforce and MARES research programs  from the strategic initiative Flanders                on hybridization of self reinforced plastics (SRPP) , thermoplastic composites ,fire and heat resistant composites .


MOSS composites is open for horizon  2020 calls and on the look for industrial partners for the  EDIDP program