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from standard to full custom composite products 

MOSS composites has all the composite productdesign ,manufacturing                 capabilities and materials expertise  to offer you a unique  and                                         optimized solution for your composite challenge 


MOSS composites is a first-class manufacturer of advanced composite products ,systems that are used to produce high-performance products ,structures. 


MOSS  composites participates in most customer programs from the very first design phases. Its engineering office copes with all technical challenges that make a good composite product different from

the others. Development tests are conducted both at MOSS and as a customer support .

High Altitude Long Endurance HALE UAV
Ultra High Modulus Composite Casing  

Full Custom 

From standard composite  products, plates , tubes , blocks to client bespoke composite products . 

Moss composites undertakes custom composite projects. From the first sketch to your final product MOSS's expertise is evident , ensuring full implementation of our client's  ideas 

Moss composites is your trusted partner in manufacturing your composite projects  , exceeding your expectations 

XN-80S Granoc®  21 meter robotarm   

25 meter XN80 carbon gantry beam_edited_edited_edited.jpg


MOSS composites invests  in materials and technologies of the future.


This is  done with our own funds , in cooperation with passionated third parties , in the  framework of  programs such as the VLAIO Spearhead clusters of Flanders , EUROSTAR CALL R&D  and  Horizon Europe 2021

Carbon Rollers Tape-Sheet prepreg winded 


Full equipped plant for proccesing advanced composites ,tape and filament winding machine Josef Baer IW II 50/550,several  hydraulic presses ,200 ton 1 m2 heated  surface ,autoclave,prepreg cutter GERBER, cnc routers , project customer specific industrialisation and manufacturing equipment .

Craftsmanship and Technology
brought together by our team
                                                       for our

Kopie (2) van P1010004_edited2023_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

Ultra Thin composite shells for Space made out of  80 GSM Granoc® tapeprepreg 

From standard to full Custom 

MOSS composites has all the composite  productdesign  manufacturing capabilities and materials expertise  to offer you

a unique  and  optimized solution for your composite challenge .

Global Player


MOSS composites has partners over the globe and services customers  worldwide .

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